Jennifer Abod Producer
Long Beach | USA
Jennifer Abod is an educator and award winning video and audio producer. She holds a degree in Intercultural Media Education and Women's Studies and is a UCLA Research Scholar. Abod is working on her fourth video documentary.
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Sevan Aydinian Director/Producer/Editor
Phoenix | USA

-Featured on MTV'S TRUE LIFE

-Featured in VIBE MAGAZINE

-Performed at the 2007 BILLBOARD AWARDS

-The # 1 voted artist on MTV2.COM

-Opening act on the Pussycat Dolls Tour

-Performed on "Showtime at Apollo"

-Worked with Swizz Beats, Ruff Ryders, & G-Unit.

-Sponsored member of the RAP OLYMPICS team (Shady Records)

-SOURCE Magazine's "Unsigned Hype" Champion

-Power 92.3s' Hall of Fame Champion

-Performed for the NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden

-Appeared on ABC’s Sonoran Living

-Appeared on Metro Channel twice

-Won 1st Place at the Interscope Records Talent Show for "Best Solo Artist"

-Internationally Credited Spoken Word Poet

-National Poetry Slam Finalist

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Olivier Bonin Director/Producer/Editor
San Francisco | USA
Born in France, Olivier Bonin showed an early interest in photography and film. He studied photography in San Francisco, where he found his way into filmmaking. Starting with short fictions, he quickly found a perfect symbiosis between his interest and knowledge in social movements and filmmaking in the documentary form. With his attendance to the Burning Man festival, he knew he had found a great subject combining film photography in such a beautiful environment, and a complicated human story of community building.
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Rakeda Ervin Director
Rakeda Ervin, a Gen Xer, has producer credits on VH1 documentary series, Behind the Music, Ultimate Albums, Hip Hop Babylon and Driven earning several award nominations. Another documentary on her resume, Without Warning received an International Television Association Gold Award. Rakeda has additional credits with Warner Bros., A&E, BET, NBC and the E! network. In between producing for major networks, she's directed independent music videos and short films. Rakeda is excited to examine the culture and politics or her generation. She founded R. Concepts, a television and film production company in 2006.

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Cecil Feeder Director
San Francisco | USA
Awarded the Certificate of Honor from the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, The Award of Excellence at the Alice Film Festival, and best short in The Full Moon Film Festival, Cecil B. Feeder is best known for "OUR LADY OF TAMALE", a heartfelt and colorful documentary about Virginia Ramos, The Tamale Lady SF. This innovative filmmaker creates colorful and distinct movies that delight viewers world wide. His movies have been featured in Germany, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Croatia, Czech Republic, and the US.
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