Stands Alone Warrior

Topics: YOUTH
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Funds Needed for Completion: $ 30,000.00
Estimated Completion Date: 01/30/2009


What happens when you bring together 4 diverse young men from the urban U.S. East Coast, and 4 young men from a Cheyenne Indian Reservation?

What happens when you bring together 4 diverse young men from the urban U.S. East Coast, and 4 young men from a Cheyenne Indian Reservation, and introduce them in a great outdoors setting to develop as men ? 'Stands Alone Warrior' chronicles some initial culture shock and confusion, followed by surprising personal growth and awakenings. Experience this life-changing adventure with these young men amidst the scenery of the American West, complete with bucking broncos, fly-fishing, buffalo sightings, a Sweat Lodge experience, and the wonder of Native American culture. In this modern coming of age story, young people break down some perceived barriers, and explore common societal problems. Hear from the voices of these teenagers, their daily struggles and the recurring need of a strong male role model in their lives. This film, made possible by Matt Light of the New England Patriots, and The Light Foundation, and lovingly narrated by Judy Muller of ABC News, will touch your heart, energize your soul, and rejuvenate your faith in Generation Next.


$ 30,000.00

Project's Financial Needs

Funds will be used as Completion Funds for Post Production Costs including editing, narration, festival submissions and marketing.

Other financial Support

Light Foundation

Current stage of production


Estimated Completion Date


Target Audience

The Target audience is Young People 13-18, parents, single parents, NFL Football fans, New England Patriots fans, and those interested in Native American culture.

Production Personnel

Matt Light - Current NFL Player for the New England Patriots

Judy Muller - Previous ABC News Correspondent

Doug Lantz - Director of Film

Doug Lantz has worked in television broadcasting for the past 15 years. Currently living in Los Angeles, he has worked with many prestigious journalists including Diane Sawyer, Peter Jennings, Barbara Walters, Charlie Gibson and countless celebrities. His job details have varied from audio engineering to videography to producing. His credits have included the following networks and shows: A&E, Discovery, Biography, Good Morning America, Nightline, 20/20, Primetime, and World News Tonight. In his varied news work, he has covered the Academy Awards, the Michael Jackson trial, Hurricane recovery in New Orleans and the Ronald Reagan funeral, among other major events. As an alumni of the Centerville Jazz Band in 1985 and Air Force veteran, his current passion included documenting the experience and life changing effects of a high school marching band program in an award winning film, From The 50 Yard Line. To learn more and see some snapshots from some of his coverage, go to the following link:

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Private Screening
Narration Completion - Producer Credit
Editing Completion - Producer Credit
Marketing Completion - Assoc. Producer Credit
Advertising - Honorary Warrior Credit
Office - Honorary Warrior Credit
General Support - Honorary Warrior Credit

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