Life on the Inside

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Funds Needed for Completion: $ 100,000.0
Estimated Completion Date: 03/01/2009


Programs and challenges at the largest women's prison in the world

LIFE ON THE INSIDE takes viewers inside the largest women's prison in the world (the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, CA) to explore the unique support groups, job training programs, and church services that help the prisoners rehabilitate themselves. Current and former prisoners, prison guards and staff, and volunteer counselors all participate on-camera to make this film a unique, behind-bars look at programs available to women in prison. The film does not advocate any particlar policies, but rather allows viewers to see and judge the activities for themselves.



Project's Financial Needs

Funds will be used to complete production and post-production. We plan to film additional scenes at CCWF and at community-based facilities that provide an alternative to incarceration for low-risk offenders.

Other financial Support

We are relying on you for support. By simply donating $50 or more, you will receive a DVD of the half-hour version of this film as a thank you gift. This version of the film is complete and ready to ship to you. Your contribution will go towards the production of the full-length 60-minute version of the film.

Current stage of production


Estimated Completion Date


What Your Donation Enables:

Premium Screen Credit $500
DVD of half-hour film

Donors to this project

  1. Hal Plotkin