Interrogate This: Psychologists Take on Terror

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Funds Needed for Completion: $ 5,000.0
Estimated Completion Date: 08/01/2008


For over 4 years, American psychologists clashed about providing consultations to interrogators in US national security detention centers. A continuum of positions, an evolving issue.

Should psychologists help the military interrogate terror suspects?

Interrogate This presents a troubling, spirited and deeply human story illustrating the complexities encountered when national security, terrorism, psychology, politics, and ethics collide.

Rather than one particular slant on the ethics of interrogation or treatment of detainees in U.S. national security detention centers, the film offers a variety of perspectives from:

Military psychologists who served at Guantanamo and elsewhere;

A career military intelligence officer;

Lawyers representing detainees and human rights organizations;

Friends and family of one particular detainee;

Psychologists/activists promoting a moratorium on continued involvement in detention

The American Psychological Association (APA)



Project's Financial Needs

Exhibition Master dubs; DVD duplication for film festival submissions; fees associated with exhibition, promotion, PR and travel

Current stage of production


Estimated Completion Date



End credit updates/editing as donors come forward in Fall/Winter 2008-2009

Distribution of consumer DVD's and ReelChange version DVD's/downloads Spring 2009

Target Audience

Medical or mental health professionals as well as other citizens interested in the intersection of human rights, ethics, and national security issues. Those who are curious about the national debate regarding the ongoing interrogations of detainees in U.S. custody and eager for a balanced perspective from those closest to these issues.

Production Personnel

Dr. Stephen Behnke, Head of the Ethics Office, American Psychological Association, Washington DC; Len Rubenstein, JD., Pres. of Physicians for Human Rights; Dr. Michael Gelles, Ret. Navy Counterintelligence; Col. Steve Kleinman, U.S. Air Force Intelligence Officer/interrogator; Dr. Steven Reisner, Columbia University, Founder of Psychologists For An Ethical APA; Dr. Ghislaine Boulanger, Columbia University, Founder of; Dr. Carrie Kennedy, U.S, Navy Psychologist and former Chief of Behavioral Science Unit, Guantanamo Bay; Dr. Peter Suedfeld, Prof. Emeritus, University of British Columbia; Dr. Stephen Soldz,Coalition for Ethical Psychology; Dr. Shara Sand, Dr. Bernice Lott, Dr. Olivia Moorehead-Slaughter, Dr. Neil Altman; Federal Defender Wiliam Teesdale.

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