Julia Switzer Landau

Director/Producer/Editor | Brooklyn , USA

Julia Landau is a writer/director/editor of plays and movies living in New York City. She has written and directed four stage plays and edited several videos, but Strange Attractors is her first feature length film in the role of director. Her father, Saul Landau, has made dozens of political documentaries to which Julia has contributed in different ways, providing her with a filmmaker's edge in her creative and professional activities.


Julia Landau grew up around politics in Washington, D.C., before getting her degree combining Politics and Theater Arts at the University of California at Santa Cruz. There she was a playwright and actor, and begun writing and editing scripts for film. Upon moving to New York City, she became involved in documentary filmmaking working for small Brooklyn production company Ark Media, which makes films for several shows on PBS and The History Channel. Then, as associate producer for Academy-award nominated director Marshall Curry, she developed her producing, tech, and editing skills, becoming a jack-of-all-trades in independent film. She left Marshall Curry Productions to begin work on Strange Attractors, her first feature doc, with the support of the great directors she had worked with until then.

Additional Details

Ms. Landau has worked in the production of many TV and film documentaries, including shows for PBS' Frontline, American Experience, The History Channel, and ITVS. She has worked, either in production (editing and research) or distribution on the feature docs Street Fight, My Kid Could Paint That, The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief, and others. She also edits performance videos, and worked on Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road ensemble piece.

Documentaries by Julia

Genre: Science and Human Interest, Chaos Theory, Near Death Experience
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