Rakeda Lashae Ervin

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Director | USA

Rakeda Ervin, a Gen Xer, has producer credits on VH1 documentary series, Behind the Music, Ultimate Albums, Hip Hop Babylon and Driven earning several award nominations. Another documentary on her resume, Without Warning received an International Television Association Gold Award. Rakeda has additional credits with Warner Bros., A&E, BET, NBC and the E! network. In between producing for major networks, she's directed independent music videos and short films. Rakeda is excited to examine the culture and politics or her generation. She founded R. Concepts, a television and film production company in 2006.


Rakeda Ervin has more than 10 years experience as a producer and director. She began her film and television career in Springfield, Massachusetts as a young documentary filmmaker with her local PBS station, WGBY. Rakeda later enrolled in the Mass Communications program at Quinnipiac University, in Hamden, Connecticut. She was selected by the Communications department to co-produce a documentary entitled, Without Warning, which educates on the danger of driving while intoxicated. Rakeda earned an International Television Association Gold Award for her work on the film.

Curious to explore politics and public opinion, Rakeda joined the Quinnipiac Polling Institute. She conducted political and social surveys within the tri-state area for the poll. This experience propelled her to explore societal issues further in her future film and television projects.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 1998, Rakeda landed a job at Warner Bros. and worked in the music department on various television series such as Friends, The Jamie Foxx Show and ER. She later worked on a Warner Bros. feature film entitled Cats and Dogs. Rakeda then joined MTV Networks in Santa Monica, California. She lent her producing and directing talent on numerous VH1 documentary specials, with credits on series such as Behind the Music, Ultimate Albums, Hip Hop Babylon and Driven. Her work on these specials earned several award nominations for VH1. Another documentary on her resume, The N Word, received a Peabody Award in 2005.

In addition, Rakeda has produced shows for A&E, BET, NBC and most recently E! Networks. Along with producing for major networks, she has directed independent music videos and a short film, Prisoner of Fate. Rakeda is the first director to chronicle the life and times of Generation X through her documentary film, X= a generation defied. Currently, Rakeda lives and works in both Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California.

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